Today in the city Industry 23.05.2017
21 charts that show the current state of the music industry

Music streaming became even more popular in the UK in 2016 and vinyl records are continuing to explode in popularity, according to a new report by the BPI. The BPI's annual yearbook examines the size...

The Three Largest Players Have A 70% Market Share In $4 Trillion Global ETF Industry

The ongoing trend of investors shifting to low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from actively-managed funds helped the global ETF industry swell to a record size of $4 trillion by the end of April 20...

Bee Industry Buzzing: Stolen Hives Recovered in California

The bee industry is buzzing over the arrest of a California man accused in one of the biggest thefts of beehives on record.

Addressing Cybersecurity Across The Health Care Industry

BY MICHAEL CHERTOFF AND JASON COOK -- Although cyber attacks disrupted health care services and others, the risk extends to every aspect of connected health care, including connected medical devices....

Kroger's Meal Kits Could Make A Meal Of The Industry

Kroger’s test of meal kits is small but noteworthy. The meal-in-a-box industry, while relatively small when compared with supermarkets, meets a burgeoning need. Kroger might prove that supermarkets ca...

Struggling Nuclear Industry Lobbies State Governments For Help

The nuclear industry is struggling with aging plants and competition from cheaper natural gas. Now, touting itself as another form of "clean" energy, it's lobbying state lawmakers for help.

Why Is There Still Such A Big Gender Imbalance In The Technology Industry?

It is 2017 and I still see a big gender imbalance in the tech industry. Why? This question was originally answered on Quora by Josh Levs.

How AI Pioneers Will Affect the Car Industry and Why it's a Good Thing

A quick guide to the use of Artificial intelligence in the car industry, and how it is changing the panoramic of a number of other industries.

PayPal Executive Ditches Mainstream Life For The Cannabis Industry

More Executives are leaving mainstream companies like PayPal and IBM to work in the cannabis industry.

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