Today in the city Industry 25.06.2017
Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer to Receive Music Industry Trusts Award

Sony Music Entertainment CEO Rob Stringer will receive the Music Industry Trusts Award at a ceremony to be held in the U.K. in November. The record label veteran, who was promoted from Columbia Record...

A marketing CEO who worked on the TV show 'Billions' says diversity is a secret weapon in the old-fashioned industry

There are fewer than 100 black women in corporate level positions in advertising agencies in the US. This is according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which also notes that out of...

The 10 Worst Performing U.S. Industries By Sales

Industries supporting mining and petroleum extraction have been among the worst performers in the U.S. when it comes to sales, according to recent data from Sageworks.

Trump Team Meeting With Tech Industry Throughout June

Trump and the tech industry had conflicted in immigration and climate, but company leaders and the administration will get together in Washington D.C. for multiple meetings.

There's a new internet-privacy bill in Congress, and the digital-ad industry says that if it passes it could mean 'Facebook won't be free'

Tennessee Congresswoman Martha Blackburn says she wants to give consumers control of their internet experience. She's introduced a bill — the "BROWSER Act" — that would require internet users to activ...

Economic Opportunities Are Bleak For Russian Single-Industry Town

Many Russian towns have had a hard time transitioning from communism to capitalism. In a single-industry town 200 miles north of Moscow, the population and job opportunities are dwindling.

How Chatbots Improve Customer Experience In Every Industry: An Infograph

Customers are ready for chatbots, and the technology is here to take advantage of chatbot’s potential and forever change how brands engage with customers. Chatbot technology is constantly improving, a...

J. Crew And Ralph Lauren: The Hard Lessons Consumers Are Teaching The Fashion Industry

Recent management upheaval at J. Crew bears many similarities to those at Ralph Lauren Corporation, with both companies bringing new leaders from outside the fashion industry. Their outsiders' perspe...

Fossil Fuel Industry Pushes Back Against Divestment in NY

A study commissioned by the oil and natural gas industry says it would be a mistake for New York state to end any state investments in fossil fuels.

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